About Us

Integrated Surface Technologies (IST) (www.insurftech.com) is a premier Surface Engineering Company that provides systems and processes for advanced surface modifications. Our systems are used in R&D and in volume production in the industry to deposit nano coatings in MEMS, BioMEMS, and in a variety of medical and industrial applications. These systems can also deposit a patented nano-composite conformal coating onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). This super-hydrophobic film protects many types of electronic products from liquid damage and the resulting corrosion.

The IST team now developed the Blue Lantern Nano, an inexpensive system plasma surface treatment system. Every university laboratory can be equipped with a plasma cleaner, etcher and deposition station. Cell phone sellers and repair shops can purchase to coat their customers’ cell phones and tablets with an invisible coating that protects them from accidental water spillage. This plasma based hardware called Blue Lantern, can also be used for plasma cleaning, sterilization and other plasma-based applications.  www.insurftech.com     www.bluelanternnano.com