BLa (Picture of the Blue Lantern Plasma Discharge)

Hydrophobic Protection

Water-ShieldTM is created by the plasma decomposition of a vapor containing "Teflon-like" material. The resulting film is a cross-linked polymer which creates a hydrophobic “Nook and Cranny” seal, i.e., it prevents fluids from entering the small openings in portable electronics cases. It also permeates into the interior through any opening.

The Water-Shield process is created at reduced pressures of deep outer-space, at an equivalent altitude of 200,000 ft above sea level, so that the carbon atoms can diffuse deep into the product, resulting in a hydrophobic coating over every exposed surface.

Water-Shield is applied at nanometer film thickness, only about 1/2000th the thickness of an average human hair, and is normally completely invisible to the naked eye.

The Water-Shield cross-linked amorphous carbon film can typically be removed using physical abrasion or with the 4th state of matter, a plasma discharge. However, the coating internal to the device, which will not wear, will be present for the life of the product.