plasmatube3 (Picture of a plasma discharge)

Plasma Advantages

A plasma can be used to treat a wide variety of materials. It is independent of the shape, size or aspect-ratio of the feature. Plasmas are highly reproducable and are widely used in manufacturing of semiconductor integrated circuits. Today, plasmas are capable of process control down to individual atoms. Assemblies of different materials are often processed at the same time.

Simple Processing / Low Cost

Generally speaking - plasma processes are highly efficient with relatively short processing times. They require little energy. Curing or drying time is not required. With the Blue Lantern products, a typical plasma power is between 20 to 150 watts. Unlike wet spray surface treatments, plasma coatings are uniform. There is no solvent waste stream or chemical disposal cost. Our plasma reactors have no moving parts, are simple to maintain and require no maintenance.

Environmental Safety

Plasma surface treatments eliminate many safety risks associated with worker exposure to dangerous chemicals. The EPA has classified most plasma processes as environmentally friendly. They are commonly referred to as "GREEN" TECH. The Blue Lantern plasma process operates at room temperature with no risk of operator burns or heat exposure.

Flexibility and Repeatability

Since plasmas are created in a vessel at reduced pressures, normal environmental influences such as humidity and temperature are eliminated. Plasmas generally have better consistency and are more repeatable than traditional chemical and mechanical processes.