Hearing Aids

WaterShieldTM, when applied to hearing devices, can protect them from corrosion and moisture damage brought on during everyday activities. This will allow coated products to have long-term, unsurpassed audio clarity and all-day comfort.

Uncoated: Logitech Headpiece Acoustic Foam. Water droplets hold on to the foam.

Coated: Logitech Acoustic Foam. Liquids just roll off.

Uncoated: Apple Ear-Bud. Water actually enters into the ear piece.

Coated: Apple Ear-Bud. Water cannot enter through the acoustic screen.

Uncoated: Samsung S-Series Ear Piece. Water and sweat wets the acoustic screen.

Coated: Samsung S-Series Ear Piece. The acoustic screen is impervious to the liquids. When slightly tilted, water bounces off.